Thursday, November 8, 2012

With eyes wide open

Well it's lucky I have some friends in high places isn't it?  My idea of a campaign to try and better our inter-country adoption practices seems as though it could all be far too out of reach; in the interem at least. 
I know I'm not the person with all the answers, and yes I was reacting from the heart, but none the less I have seen the bigger picture and realise I'm not the first to want to help make a difference. 
Quite simply I don't think I have the smarts to pull-off such a campaign now that I sit back and take on board some very real facts presented to me; and just as well too.  Don't get me wrong, this campaign still needs a facilitator; some one needs to drive this and keep driving it, someone who knows alot about the subject, who has lived it, seen it first hand and can get a pollie to back them. 
This is not giving-up, more so it is reflection time, a time to weigh up whether this is about Australia or is it bigger, involving government legislation that is simply out of our hands? In all honesty I think it is.  This is why this subject is so frustrating.  Perhaps we can better our own system here first?  Look at the bigger picture affecting Aussie kids in care, those needing permanent families right here on our very own shores.  It's does however remain hard to think our hands as a nation are tied and unable to help those genuine orphans of the world.