Sunday, September 25, 2011

National Research Study - Past Adoption Experiences

Hi all,
I have just completed a survey being conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies. This survey involves people affected through past 'closed' adoption practices within Australia.  Participants are being sought for a nation-wide study into past adoption experiences to identify the support and service needs of people affected.

A little about this survey:
- It will be the largest study of this nature ever conducted in Australia.

The purpose of this research is to understand the current needs of people affected by past adoption experiences, particularly the closed adoption processes in place until the 1980s.
Input is being sought from people who were involved in any way, such as:
■Individuals who have been separated from a child by adoption;
■People who were adopted;
■Adoptive parents; and
■Any other family members (including other children, spouses and grandparents).

The survey dosen't take long and I found it personally enlightning in completing it. Click on title above to learn more about submitting your response.