Sunday, November 4, 2012

Campaign Adoption Down Under

For anyone who just sat through the latest plight screened by the Seven network Today/Tonight, regarding the failing system on Australian Adoption, and you sat in absolute dismay as I have, yet again, wondering why Australia, who's econonical standards compared to the rest of world is one of the best, and ask the most obvoius question - why are we not getting this right?  Then I truly think it's time a fair dinkum stance needs to be taken, but where do we start?
First and foremost why can't, and why haven't our government bodies made this dire system within our own country a priority, especially considering it is progressively slipping further into dissaray?  I wonder what these politicians are afraid of?  Why is it that other countries around the world can get this system right, yet the 'lucky' country fails to? 
I don't profess to know much about politics, or for that matter alot about inter-country adoption, and that's why I hope this post will reach some of you who do.  Who is ready to help Australian adoption embark on a new era, where we can get someone (political) to stand up and be willing to take on board this challenging endeavour?
Quite simply it is not good enough that a country of our standards cannot put into place a simple system to enable Aussie families or couples to provide quality of life to children left in orphanages like we saw on tonight's show.  The question that should be posed is 'Does every child deserve to live a quality life?' For those who saw tonight's show, Baby George Denehey was on the brink of death and would without a doubt died if he was not adopted by his American family.  Sadly, how many other stories like his did not end with such a happy outcome?  How many other children have been left in orphanages left to die because they have a physical handicapp?  I'm sorry, but I am bitterly disgusted that anyone who has been left in a position to care for a child could deny that child a fulfilling life because of there own agenda.  Last year as volunteer for NAAW, I attended the adoption summit in Sydney, and sat through a screening of desperate children locked within orphanges around the world, who were being denied of a fulfilling life.  My heart ached for these children, it aches for the couples who so desperately want to provide for these kids but are faced with a government who for what ever reason can't see the importance for this to be rectified.  I'm frustrated and I know I'm not alone. 
My plea is for anyone reading this post and who feel the same way, but don't know what to do to make a difference, then lets all get together, put our heads together as a collective group and come up with something substantial so we can help change the future of adoption for our families, so it becomes a streamlined process that allows aussies to adopt or become permanent carers for overseas orphaned children.
If anyone is interested and has any links or affiliations with departments of governmental bodies they believe may help with this plight, or just feel they have something helpful to contribute and who are truly passionate about trying to get this right, then leave your comments on this post and lets see if we can make some headway. I'm embarrased another year has past and we still have not been able to make the slightest impression on the existing disaster that governs our countries adoption practices.
I don't profess to know all that needs to be done and clearly I don't have all the answers, however I am genuinely interested in helping make a difference, I hope you will be too.  It would be really helpful to hear from someone who has recently adopted from the U.S so we can see how the system is placed over there, and compare where perhaps Australia is getting it wrong.
Please only place comments if you are genuinely interested in joining this campaign for the right reasons.  I will not tolerate or allow posts that are derogatory, in-sensitive or inappropriate in anyway. 


  1. I have spent time volunteering in an overseas orphanage. I have seen children die needlessly. I have seen babies prop fed, rarely changed, and rarely cuddled due to severe staff shortages. I have seen baby formula in such short supply that VEGETABLE OIL was put into babies' bottles with the weak formula to make up for the shortfall in necessary calories.One of the babies I worked closely with in the orphanage DIED, at just 6 mths of age, a few weeks after I returned home from Bolivia. I have had older children BEG me to adopt them. Yet on the other hand I have met so many wonderful families in Australia with love to give, who would love to adopt a child from an orphanage, and who are thwarted at every step by the red tape and bureaucracy that the Australian government seems to get off on. These overpaid, narrow-minded bureaucrats and politicians need to get off their stupid butts and spend some of their time volunteering in an underfunded orphanage in a developing country - THEN let's see what they have to say. I have been raging about this since I got home in the year 2000, and I will CONTINUE to rage and act as an advocate until something is done to change the PATHETIC laws and absolutely anti-adoption ethos our government seems so intent on upholding.

    1. Thanks Lynda,you would be truly inspirational and have so much to offer this campaign if your interested?

  2. Absolutely interested in joining x

    1. That's fantastic, I will keep you informed; need to touch base with a few people first and sort out how to best approach this, thanks for your support xx