Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adoption contact

As adoptive parents to our locally adopted daughter, we consider ourselves quite lucky with regard to contact agreeement between us and our daughter's biological mother.  As part of the 'open' adoption arrangments made prior to an adoption order being legalised in court, contact can vary from as little as an annual update given to the birth parent/s to as much as 3-4 visitations each year.  When I say we consider ourselves lucky, our commitment to our daughter's biological mother is just an annual update, involving just a written letter telling of progress and anything we feel relevent to share, along with photos. 
When I look back at the time when we quite happily accepted the fact we may have to 'share' our daughter with her biological parent's, I can now say I am much happier with the fact we don't have that complication in our lives.  And now five years of updates on, I consider why should contact and or updates be limited to the adoptive parents having to provide the information.  I often wonder what my daughter's biological mother is doing with her life now, what she feels, what her likes and dislikes are; to me this is all comparative, because there will be a time my daughter will ask questions that I won't have answers for.  I believe that under the 'open' adoption arrangements in our country, the issue of updates from both parties should be put in place; after all adoptions are put in place with the best interests of the child put foremost.  This suggests to me that the adopted child should then be given as much information as what is expected to be given to the biological parent's.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Adoption NSW

Not sure whats going on, but having trouble posting comments; so here is a bit on my findings regarding adoption in NSW.  Firstly, by clicking on post title it will take you to NSW adoption link where you will find info. From what I have found, as long as one of the joint applicants are an Australian citizen then you can apply for local adoption, you also need to have been married or in De-facto for two years, but no mention how long you need to have been living in state.  Keep in mind you can only adopt locally within the state which you reside.  There are also a few agencies who arrange local adoptions, one being Anglicare, http://www.anglicare.org.au/, check their web site out for more info.  Good Luck! 
Anyone persuing local adoption and permanent care, my biggest advice is stay positive throughout the process

Friday, June 3, 2011

Intercountry Adoptions

Initially when I set out in establishing an Australian adoption blog, I had local adoption matters as my first priority.  Local adoption plays such an important role in my life; thus being my main objective in getting as much current and accurate information out into our community, especially to those who are considering adoption, have already adopted or are affected through adoption in some way or another.  I believe there is just not enough information provided on our adoption practices and this drives me in helping others keep informed.  Inter-country adoption however is a place I felt already is given alot of attention; alot more than our local adoption processes get, and it is for that reason why I haven't up until now given it its due attention.  I am guessing their are many of you who may have already questioned where is all the info. on how to adopt from overseas?  Well, although it may have been a bit remiss of me to initially exclude it, I now have dedicated a page which will address current issues regarding overseas adoptions for Australians in particular.  Keep a watch out!