Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simply an update!

Hi, This is for all those couples who have sent such encouraging comments to this blog.  I just want to let those of you who have concerns about adopting within Australia, to go with your heart and see the process through.  We had a five year-old biological son when our adopted daughter's birth mother chose us to as her adoptive parents.  Initially we thought because we already had a child this would discount us and go against us in becoming adoptive parents - but here we are - we were still chosen, and who knows why; each birth parent will have their own set of ideals for their baby and  I believe it really simply comes down to that.  From experience, birth parents will take into account what sort family background you come from; a large family, maybe lots of siblings or fewer siblings, where you live; country or city, what kind of family environment you intend to give your adopted child; what you can offer.  We never went overboard, or tried to be people we weren't, and I think that helped in many ways.  We didn't overwhelm the birth mother with unfamiliar things that she couldn't relate to.  I remember the case worker looking at the photograph we supplied which would be presented to birth parents if and when we were going to be considered as adoptive parents.  The photo was very ordinary, just the three of us sitting on the family couch in our work clothes and our son in his spiderman costume, but obviously this must have in some way connected with the birth mother of our daughter.  All I can say to all those couples out there who are under going the process of local adoption is stick to it, because you never know, you just might be the couple a birth parent is longing for to cae for their baby.  Don't give up hope - ever, this is from experience.