Friday, November 11, 2011

National Adoption Awareness Week - With Kerri-Ann & Deborra-lee Furness

Click on Title and watch to find out just hard it is for Aussies to adopt! How can you help?  Do you know someone who can help? We all need to help get adoption practices moving in the right direction to help "Our" world's orphans.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

National Adoption Awareness Breakfast Summit - Sydney 2011

What a morning!  Having attended the summit my inspiration is at an all time high.  Obviously my intentions to help make a difference with adoption practices is already out there, but the summit has highlighted the real need for changes, for more awareness and a call for help from everyone who feels they can contribute towards positive change in providing children with a family.  I have become more aware, that adoption does not have to be the answer, but still an option.  If adoption is still not given as an option then we are robbing both birth mothers and children the right of choice. 
The summit, hosted by Helen McCabe, editor-in-chief of Australian Womens Weekly, who I would like to point out did a fantastic job, heard from an inspiring line-up of celebrities, politicians, adoptee's, adoptive parents - prospective and already placed, including representatives of organisations such as Jigsaw.  The morning gave insight into the horrific conditions children are forced to grow up amongst - orphanages and on the street.  Panalists gave their stories of the heart break they have and are affected by, the years of waiting for the placement of a child through intercountry adoption, their files approved yet left in limbo.  We heard from people like Jack Thompson and Layne Beachley who are adoptees, and how their views and  experiences of adoption are very positive, speaking about how adoption shaped the lives they lead today, and if they hadn't been adopted they would not have been given the opportunities in life they have.  We heard from the Hon. Bronwyn Bishop about her efforts and her call to have someone appointed from the Attoroney General's office to be soley responsible for the overseeing of adoption practices and proceedures, so families are not left in limbo; so that there is a system put in place that works for everyone.  The summit has highlighted the fact we do truly need to move forward, leave past practices in the past and move forward with practices that work for today's needs.  For the next twelve months everyone affected past and present through adoption are called to contribute their positive input into change; ideas that can work.  I for one will be doing my best to contribute and I hope you can join me!