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UPDATE: January 2013

Just a note to let interested parties know that the Ballarat district adoption support group is no longer an active group, and does not currently run monthly group meetings.  I will keep you up-to-date of any changes in relation to this and suggest anyone needing any assistance or advice to perhaps contact Vanish at

As you may have already read in a previous post, I have become part of a newly reformed Adoption Support Group.  With only a few current attendees, we are hoping to branch out - reaching many more people who may like to get involved.

As a support group we get to talk about issues close to our hearts; things going on in our lives at present and from the past.  We are a diverse group ranging from adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents, yet there is a common understanding between us all.

My posts here are going to be what I learn and get to take away with me from each meeting.  Somehow I think a Pandora's Box is slowly going to be opened, so you may want to stay tuned! New posts will follow under and will be dated; please leave a comment if you wish to.
15 September 2010
So...I have attended all three sessions since the reforming of this support group and still have little idea what I believe I am going to get out of going along.  The one thing I have discovered is that there are more underlying issues to my adoption which had never arrised or atleast spoken about openly until now.  I have to say I am comfortable in talking about my issues within this forum, more so than even to my own family; hows that?  I guess talking with others who have similar thoughts, feelings and questions makes it easy to open up and talk about the issues without someone rolling their eyes at you and not understanding where you are coming from.  My major dileama at present is my relationship (or lack of) with my birthmother.  Recently her contact has stepped up a notch in contacting me by phone - and I still are unsure whether this is a good thing or not.  I don't want things to become too complicated.  Complicated...who am I kidding, my life is complicated, I guess I just don't need more complicated.  I have to say I think having a birthmother involved in the group will help me understand the other side of adoption more; maybe help me understand where my birthmother is coming from and what her perspective really is.  Looking forward to the next meeting.
25 September 2010
Drumming up interest so to speak here.  If you live in the Ballarat District and interested in attending our Adoption Support Group, details are as follows:
Meeting first Monday evening of each month; 7.00 - 8.30pm at St John of God Hospital Ballarat, Conference room 3, level two, all adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents welcome.
11 October 2010
Well last night's meeting saw the attendence of a husband and wife who adopted a child some years ago.  I felt so very comfortable talking with them and probably because they understand my stance more than anyone because they too have an adopted child.  It was an emotional meeting learning and really feeling the emotional affects each of us have and continue to experience.  I am so very glad I have joined and hope our group bond well and continue to form perhaps even great friendships.  P.S I finally have sent my membership to VANISH; something I have been meaning to do for some time - last nights meeting reinforced the importance of doing so.


  1. Meredith, I want to send you my submission to the senate inquiry as soon as they publish it. Whats your contatc where i can send a word document. The committe has accepted my subm ission so i am just waiting.

    Hey did i miss a meeting this month

  2. Hi Murray? Thanks, I would love to see your submission. I will send you my email address through Sharon. Meeting was scheduled for 21 Feb (Monday), but was cancelled due to Sharon being unwell. Next meeting is also cancelled 14 March due to Public Holiday, unless we reschedule another date.


    Here is the senate inquiry link meredith. All those interested and who follow your blog will see from all the subm issions just how things were so fouled up in the past. It annoys me when i hear high profile persons like dewbrah Lee furniss saying things are too difficult in Australia and we should operate like the Americans. Well in the USA all adoptions are market based in that if you have the money you get a child and in some cases they have returned the child as not suitable. Recents reports of a child being returned to Russia are not too uncommon. Any profit based system for the trade of children must be condemned and really debrah a person with a big heart but who spends most of her in the USA is not qualified to talk about our system when she has used the free enterprise market system.
    The system of adoiption in the USA is archaic and not in the best interst of the child where in this country the best interest of the child is paramount.
    I encourage all to rad some of the heartbreaking submissions

  4. Thanks Murray,
    For all those interested I have posted a link on my home page under 'Senate Inquiry' post. I learned alot from reading your submission along with others.