Monday, December 9, 2013

New Legislation AGAIN!!

Today I was made aware of yet another change to the adoption legislation in Victoria through an article written in a local paper.

Apparently now, a birth parent can be fined up to $8000 for making contact with their adopted child without consent.  I thought we were heading towards a society that encouraged 'open' adoption arrangements? So now it seems we are revoking our stance and going backwards?
The whole adoption 'Industry,' is quickly losing face - and my faith.  We just can't seem to make adequate decisions for the future good of adoptee's and their families.
What I would like clarified is if a birth parent was fined the $8000, where will the money be assigned and to who and for what purpose?  Will the adoptee win the sum for damages of invasion of privacy? Will government get the money, and why?
What is most discerning about the article is unless I made it my venture to stay in touch with the ever evolving industry of adoption changes - as it seems to have become - how would I know of every important change?
Shouldn't it be an expectation that any registered adoption in this State (especially within the last 10-15 years) be notified of such changes to the legislation? Both the adoptive parents and the birth parents should at least be informed of these changes.

Who's making these flippant decisions, and based on achieving what??  All it is doing is undermining our Adoption process,  making it a more difficult and unreliable choice for building families.