Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Senate Inquiry into past policies and practices of former forced adoptions

This particular issue is something anyone who has had a history or expereince with past adoption practices should really take a look at.
In meaning past adoption practices, it should be noted that adoptions which took place post 1970s and under or prior to the introduction of adoption laws 1984.
While I am still learning of the atrocities which took place and affected thousands upon thousands of mothers, fathers and families alike in relation to 'stolen generations,' stolen children, greiving mothers and fathers and adults (once children) now left unable to identify, I find it pertinent to include this very important movement taking place within our country.  As Australians we all like to think we can be proud of our heritage and country alike; but can we in all regards, especially when we are not always made aware of things that have had such an impact.  Real people, some still living the nightmare while others sadly have already left this lifetime were robbed of their rightful roots because the issues at hand were either feed by incompetence or ignorance.
Please take the time to read the stories sent to the committee of inquiry; some will teach of the happenings that took place many years ago,and how those decisions still affect lives today, while others will recount experiences or tell of their heartache still felt from such policies and practices placed on real lives - possibly someone you may even know?
To read the stories or view submissions click on the  post title above.

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  1. Well done Meredith. Only by looking at ouir past can we move forward positively. By acknowledging our past our country, which i love will be strengthened