Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Research Study

With view to research conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Services (AIFS), into available literature on the topic of past adoption practices in Australia, it was found not enough evidence and information has ever been obtained to gain a real perspective as to how individuals have been affected through those practices.
In response to this finding, it was announced on 4 June 2010, that a new national study be conducted, becoming the largest study ever for this country into past adoption practices.
The purpose of this study is to find out the current needs for individuals affected through past adoption practices.  The study will focus on the long term impacts of past adoption practices, targeting:
  • mothers, fathers;
  • adoptees;
  • adoptive parents(and families)
  • professionals involved in adoption practices (mid-wives, doctors etc).
This study was due to commence early 2011; To register your interest in participating in the study, click on the above post title and follow the registration process. 
Personally, I am looking forward to participating.  I only hope some good comes from this study, and the results providing those who most need it with support and possible closure.

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