Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interview wth Zara Phillips; Author,singer, songwriter, adoptee.

  I was introduced to Zara Phillips last night; not in person, but through her personal adoption story and experiences in her DVD titled 'Roots-Unknown.'
It was a great story covering the feelings and experinces of adult adoptees who some learned of their adoptions as a child and some later in their adult life.
She is not just an adoptee, she is an acclaimed songwriter, singer who has played alongside DMC, and other big names such as Bob Geldof. 

New Edition

Zara is also the author of 'MotherMe,' her adoption story. Originally the book was self-published because she thought a publisher would not be interested.  While selling most of her copies at Adoption Conferences and seminars, the BAAF, British Association of Adopting and Fostering offered to publish her book. The book is now about to be re-released as a new edition in America in February 2011.  What a great achievement!
For more information on Zara and her story visit http://www.zarahphillips.com/
Check out this link to read her interview, very insightful.

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