Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mother And Child Trailer

I watched this movie last night and have a few things to reveal.  Firstly, yes, the start - or more to the point at
least 3/4s of this film was very slow and felt to have been poorly acted.  Having said that there were snippets that touched me and the last 1/2 hour held my interest. 
For those not sure what it's all about let me try to explain without spoiling the plot.  The woman pictured below had a baby when she was fourteen and gave the baby up for adoption.  She wrote a journal every night to the daughter she gave up, yet had no intention of meeting her until her own mother passed away, and after she found love and married.  Her adopted daughter - a professional lawyer who had no intention of ever having children or ever meeting her biological parents falls pregnant and deciedes to keep the baby, it is then when she deciedes to open the doors to communication with her birth mother.  Then there is a couple who want to adopt - they go through the processes for adoption until the husband deciedes he wants out and leaves his wife.  I'm hearing you, yes the cast is vast and the settings jump all over the place but the story makes sense in  the end.  Is it worth seeing?  Mmm, yesss... I guess so.  You will have to get it out on DVD to see for yourself, I am glad I did.  And no, the girl pictured below is not who you might think; quite the contrary.

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