Friday, June 3, 2011

Intercountry Adoptions

Initially when I set out in establishing an Australian adoption blog, I had local adoption matters as my first priority.  Local adoption plays such an important role in my life; thus being my main objective in getting as much current and accurate information out into our community, especially to those who are considering adoption, have already adopted or are affected through adoption in some way or another.  I believe there is just not enough information provided on our adoption practices and this drives me in helping others keep informed.  Inter-country adoption however is a place I felt already is given alot of attention; alot more than our local adoption processes get, and it is for that reason why I haven't up until now given it its due attention.  I am guessing their are many of you who may have already questioned where is all the info. on how to adopt from overseas?  Well, although it may have been a bit remiss of me to initially exclude it, I now have dedicated a page which will address current issues regarding overseas adoptions for Australians in particular.  Keep a watch out!


  1. Hi Meredith~thanks for your efforts, they are much appreciated. Do you know anything about adopting in Australia when you are not a citizen? My husband is an Australian citizen, but I am American. We just moved to NSW six months ago. I did find out that you can't foster children unless you have lived here 2 years. But I was wondering if you had any info for people in our situation.

    Thanks again!


  2. Hi, my husband and I are currently applying for both permanent care and local adoption. Loving your blogs so far x