Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gay Adoptions - Right or Wrong?

I don't have the right to say whether gay or not that someone should or should not be given the opportunity to become parents.  I have friends that are gay and have never treated them any different after finding out that their sexual preference happened to be of the same sex.  I think I am truly lucky to be able to have an open relationship with people that should not be judged just because of their sexual perefence, and that they can still remain great friends, remain happy and truthful with me about something that so many people tend to turn their backs on. 
I do however have mixed feeling when it comes to adoption and same sex couples.  Call me old and not entirely in touch with society for this but...I do think just as many influential people in the field have - that every child should be given the opportunity for a relationship with both a mother and father.  The roles of both parents come with so many different values and experiences and I can't ignore the fact that a child could miss out in not getting this chance. 
On the other hand there are so many crappy parents out there that I too would suggest that probably a same sex couple would in these cases provide a much better and stabler environment than those who abuse their children.  Love conquers as they say!
I think I watch too much TV, but take 'Modern Family', for instance, the gay couple who adopted their daughter Lilly.  I love them!  They are brilliant - I know, I can hear you, it's only TV, but truly if all gay couples were like these two, who would ever question that the child was not and would not get all they ever could hope for in life.
So in saying this I am going to keep an open mind as far as gay couples being able to adopt.  I think a lot worse could happen - don't you?

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  1. Hi, Call me very old fashioned but I and my not so old fashioned house mate strongly oppose the idea of gay parents adopting a child. The old story that not all husband/wife relationships are perfect doesn't mean we have to accept an alternative as being the better option. I am sure that the time will come when it will become the norm but me for there is nothing normal about a child being raised in a loving gay relationship. I beleive a child should be given the right to be raised in as near normal a life that they can be offered with male/female parents. The child has enough to deal with being placed for adotion without adding another complicating factor into their life. Surely this is what we can still offer the child in question ( after the stringent interview process involved in adoption).