Monday, May 14, 2012

Personal Blogger!

Recently I blogged my "Personal" views with regard to the outcome of our countries recent Senate inquiry into past forced adoption practices having taken place.  While I believe I try to maintain a relatively unbias outlook on most situations - especially when it comes to issues regarding adoption - as I realise it can cause quite an uproar with so many different point of views and perspectives out there within our community, lets not forget that blogging is for personal satisfaction; perhaps a way to vent our own inner most thoughts that sometimes fill our minds with confusion and via blogging it can help with putting things back into perspective.  The benefit of blogging  especially for me is to make sense of what I am feeling, and that obviously will not be the same opinion or feeling or view of many others.  Please keep in mind that when visiting blogs of others - including mine- my posts are not intended to offend, but instead to rationilise my own personal views. 
Taking into consideration that this blog in particular is not a forum for debate; but to share my thoughts with those interested in reading them.  If at any time my posts offend please keep in mind it is not intentional; and for that reason I have deleted my last post regarding my own views on the recent senate inquiry, however this does not mean my views have changed as I stand by how I feel; sorry to those two people who felt my views were not the same as theirs.  As we all know adoption must be one of the most complicated and controversal topics affecting many of us - yes, that includes me having personally experienced adoption throughout my life as both an adoptee and now as an adoptive parent.  I have had contact with my birth mother, I have been torn between natural and adoptive family loyalities and to the person who felt I had no idea how adoption affects someone they could be no further from the truth.  I respect others opinions, thoughts and feelings, so please give me the same benefit through my own personal blog.

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