Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Support Group Reforming

A strange thing happened this week. 
While talking with my mum about my recently completed manuscript on Adoption matters; she remembered seeing an advertisment in the local paper about an Adoption support group wanting to reform in my home town. 
I couldn't beleive it!  For so long I have wanted to become a part in helping out in some way, whether it was being a guest speaker on local adoption matters or just volunteering with an adoption organisation such as VANISH (visit link).
Anyway, after a long day travelling to Melbourne and back home, I didn't think I would make the first meeting in time.  Arriving slightly late, I formed a small but comfortable group where we were lucky enough to have two representatives from VANISH attend and help judicate the meeting.  
We shared our own personal experiences with adoption and how adoption played a role in our lives.  Suprisingly, all of us had been affected through adoption in different ways.  One lady was a birth mother, another gentleman discovered he was adopted in his adulthood, and me - well off course I am adopted and also an adoptive parent.
I am really looking forward to our next meeting, and perhaps finding a way to become more involved with VANISH. 

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